If you have received a recall notice from Dometic regarding the refrigerator recall.

"Dometic recently expanded its recall on a population of two-door refrigerators. The original recall included some two-door refrigerators manufactured between April 1997 and May 2003.  The new recall focuses on models manufactured between June 2003 and September 2006"

TRUSTAMA can tell you whether your refrigerator is included in the recall.
Just Call 716-695-5311 with your:
Model #
Serial #

Where to find the Serial and Model numbers
VIN # is listed on your Title or Registration

TRUSTAMA is authorized to install the recall kit.
"Recall Kits" are in stock.

If you have received a recall notice from Dometic regarding the 2 & 3 way refrigerators, AND your RV is on a permanent/seasonal site, private land site, at a residence and/or you can not tow your RV to a dealer for the installation. TRUSTAMA is authorized to perform the installation on site for you at no cost to you. You will need to get an authorization code for a "Visit Change" in addition to the recall kit and installation BEFORE we can set an appointment to do the installation. There is no cost to you for the Recall kit, the installation of the kit or the "Visit Charge". Contact us by phone 716-695-5311and you will get the additional visit charge to be authorized BEFORE you you call the recall hot line.

If you are not using your RV in the manner indicated above, you will have to schedule a repair with your local RV Dealer and take your RV to them.

NOTE: TRUSTAMA can still do the installation for you on site, however you will be responsible for the "Visit Charge" (service call) and any applicable NYS tax.

Please be aware that as the 2010 season is just starting, availability and lead time will change dramatically. It does take a little time (day or two) to get the appointment set for your install. Call NOW 716-695-5311 to at least get the ball rolling. TRUSTAMA has access to many of the campgrounds in the WNY area that are not yet open for the 1010 season. The install can be done and tested in advance of the season and you will be all set. Call today!